Random Thoughts

Just a few random things to share.

Light Meter versus the Human Eye

A light meter can say a new light is brighter than the old one but to your eyes, the light appears dimmer and is more difficult to work in. Imagine trying to get a brighter light for your work area to meet local codes.  Now imagine getting that new light installed, having the light meter tell you the new light is brighter meeting local codes but your eyes see the light as dimmer, and is more difficult to work in due to eye strain.  This is not as uncommon as you might think.  There is a real explanation for this.

BluuBull Stove

The BluuBull stove is my version of the classic alcohol stove for backpacking.  I used it for a few years and liked it.  There were no moving parts or seals to go bad, burned very clean using denatured alcohol, was light weight, compact and never failed.  However, started using the Jet Boil Stove.  These archived pages show what it is, how to use it and a few other details.  The pages also describe in great detail how to make your own if you so choose.  Enjoy.