External Links

General Outdoor

Leave No Trace web site.

If you would like more information on the Leave No Trace concept visit a web site devoted to it.

Article on the importance of clean camping.

The Creative Girls Adventure Book Club was researching clean camping and the leave no trace ethic and found some of the links here useful.  They also wrote to me and pointed out another leave no trace website they felt worth mention and asked for ti to be added to the resources here.

General Ecology

After looking over the issue of water treatment in the outdoors I decided on the First Need water filter by General Ecology.  I feel it is one the best options out there.  If you would like to know more about the issue of water treatment in the out doors, feel free to check out my paper on Water Treatment Thoughts.


Stefan's Canyoneering Links

Some of the links on this page are to websites that offer beta for canyoneering routes. I do not try to keep up with the many sites available.  If you would like to see a list of links to web sites for canyoneering, take a look at the list Stefan has compiled.  The links are for beta sites, forums, canyoneering history and technical information.


A community to share beta, canyon conditions and interact with the canyoneering community in forums and more.

Coalition of American Canyoneers

The Coalition of American Canyoneers is a non-profit, non-partisan, member-run organization. If you love canyoneering and would like to promote canyon access, conservation, education, and safety, we encourage you to learn more about our organization and become involved.


Canditions (Canyons / Conditions) is a relatively new site for current canyon conditions is .  This site is new and doesn't have a lot of information...... Yet.  If you intend to do a canyon check Canditions and see what you come up with.  If you want to give back to the community in some way take the time to post a canyon condition after your trip.

Zion Canyoneering

Zion Canyoneering is a site dedicated to canyons in the greater Zion area.  Lots of canyons listed there.  Looking for alternate sources of beta on Zion Canyoneering?.... this is a good place to start.  If no formal published beta exists for a canyon listed there, sometimes there will be links to various forum conversations that can help get the required information.

Minislot Guide to the Colorado Plateau

Looking for some short but fun routes to do in Utah?  Dave's Minislot Guide to the Colorado Plateau has some fun routes to offer.  This is a collection of short canyons in various areas.

Canyoneering USA

Canyoneering USA is run by Tom Jones and offers the CUSA Store, various links to other canyoneering sites and communities and his online Canyoneering Guide.  Tom has written a canyoneering book for the Zion area called Zion: Canyoneering.

Uber Adventures

Uber Adventures is run by Kluas Gerhart and offers courses from beginner to advanced and a wide selection of canyoneering gear.  Uber Adventures is based out of Chatsworth California and has a brick and mortar store where you can stop in to say hi.


BG-Gear is my personal web store where I will offer a small assortment of canyoneering gear.  The store will primarily carry creations of my own design.  Along the way I will add other gear to the store that I have created and a few odds and ends I feel like adding from other sources.  

Canyon Name Database

Some canyons are known by more than one name.  This database lists the canyons and the respective aka's.  The database also explains how and when the canyon got its name.  This database only lists names on the Colorado plateau.  It would be nice to see the data base extended one day to other areas.

Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the Southwest

This site is maintained by Christopher Brennen.  On the contents page is a large list of hikes and canyon routes.  His beta contains maps and GPS coordinates.  He is also the author of other books which can be found on the DANKAT Publishing page.

Zion National Park

This site offers a lot of information about Zion and surrounding areas.  Great place for some beta of canyoneering, climbing and hiking routes in and around Zion.  Lots of info here.

Road trip Ryan

This site offers information about a lot of canyoneering routes as well as various other fun adventures. There are maps, route descriptions, GPS coordinates and other information for the routes.  Lots of fun stuff here.

A massive collection of rappel devices and ascenders by Gary D. Storrick

If you would like to see a massive collection of rappel devices and ascenders check out the collection that Dr. Gary D. Storrick has.  I found his link for a quick overview a good way to get a fast idea of just how massive this collection is.  This is a good place to start if you are just curious about how many devices are out there and if you want ideas about how various devices work.