Canyoneering - How To / Tech Tips
- - Sort Of - -

This section is not intended to be a course or anything even close and the goal is not to work toward an all inclusive knowledge base. 
What gets added to the How To section will occur "When or If" I feel like working on it. 
That is why I call it How To - - Sort Of.

The How To section has very little in it at present and may or may not grow.  Things added to the How To will be things I think may help new canyoneers (technique or safety), or things that simply caught my interest enough to share with others.  There will be no rhyme or reason to what is placed here.

Feel free to check back occasionally and see if you find something useful.  I hope that some day down the road, someone stumbles in here and finds a little something of value.

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 Getting Started.


Safety Tether

Purcell Prusik as a Safety Tether

Smooth Operator -  (retrievable anchor) - The BluuGnome version of the Fiddlestick.  Manufactured, sold and distributed by BG-Gear.

SQWUREL - (canyoneering rappel / belay device) - Manufactured, sold and distributed by BG-Gear.

JellyFish - (retrievable choke stone / chalk stone anchor) - I finally got around to releasing this idea to the community