Random Thoughts

Here are a few things from my psyche I have decided to share.  Hopefully some of you get a little something from what is here.

Random Thought Random Thoughts

The things in the Random Thoughts section are ideas that I decided to share.  Nothing more than a thought of the day I wanted to share.

CornballCornball Theories

Sometimes an overactive mind tends to wonder into uncharted territory.  When my brain goes rogue on me one of its activities include coming up with cornball theories.  Cornball Theories are fictitious explanations for things that just are not true.  They follow a logical progression and might sound like good explanations, but are not.  If I find them humorous I put them here to share.  Some of the facts have been altered to protect the truth from slander.

Story IconStories

It doesn't happen often but sometimes you hear a story that just makes you laugh at how people can be.  If someone tells a story of something they experienced and it makes me laugh, I will try to include it here.

Paper IconPapers

Sometimes I get interested in something and find it took a little effort to understand what I needed / wanted to know.  If I was interested in finding something or exploring the thought, chances are I am not alone.  If it took me effort to get it figured out, it would most likely require effort for someone else.  Sometimes I write a paper on these so I can share it with people.  Sometimes the papers are written because I know I will forget if I don't write it down.  Some of these papers are listed here.  They are not related, just a few of the papers I think people might find useful.

Fractional Reserve Banking System

Understanding how the Fractional Reserve Banking System worked at the base level interested me after watching Zeitgeist the movie and addendum.  After looking up some information on it I found the concept was fairly simple yet deceiving at the same time.  Some of the inherent negative aspects of the system are not understood by most people.

Light Meter versus the Human Eye

A light meter can say a new light is brighter than the old one.  Your eyes may tell you something very different.  Imagine trying to get a brighter light for your work area to meet local codes.  Imagine getting that new light installed and having the light meter tell you it is brighter and now meets local codes for a good work space.  Now imagine your eyes tell you the new light is dimmer and you hate working in there since your eyes have to stain.  This is not as uncommon as you might think.  There is a real explanation for it.

BluuBull Stove

The BluuBull stove is a stove design I came up with for backpacking.  I used it for a few years and liked it.  There were no moving parts or seals to go bad.  It burned denatured alcohol and burned quite clean.  It was light weight, compact ad never failed.  However when the Jet Boil Stove came on the scene I ended up putting the BluuBull Stove on the shelf.  :(  These archived pages show what it is, how to use it and a few other details.  The pages also describe in great detail how to make your own if you so choose.  Enjoy.

Water Treatment Thoughts

If you are looking to purchase a water filter / purifier for backpacking or other outdoor activities, you might find this an interesting read.  This paper may help you understand a bit more about the water filter process and what is being filtered out of the water.  There are more details here than on the average manufacture's web sites.  Take a look gain some insight about virus' bacteria, heavy metal, pesticides ect in the water you "Think" is clean because it is in the great outdoors.