How Mountaineering was introduced to my life.

In June of 2008 Ron and I invited some beginners to come on a canyoneering trip with us.  We did Keyhole and Pine Creek canyons in Zion National Park.  One of the people on the trip was Dan, who Ron had met in a climbing group.  Dan liked canyoneering and told me and Ron there were a couple spots open on a mountaineering trip he would be on the following month.  He asked If we wanted to go.  Ron immediately said yes and I said I was like a 60% yes.  I was hesitant because I knew I did not like cold.  The trip would be traveling and camping on snow and ice while we to summit Mount Rainier.

As time went by I was more and more excited about getting the opportunity to experience snow camping.  I eventually said I was a definite and committed to the trip.

I ended up spending well over $2,000 on the trip in the form of gear and a $300 plane ticket.  All in all it was well worth the expense and I still have gear to show for it for the next mountaineering adventure. 

During the trip we had great weather with little wind, few clouds (above us anyway) and warm day time temps.  Our coldest night was getting up for summit day at 11pm to 20°F.  During the trip and looking back on it I am of the mind set I would like to experience more of it but will try to plan for the popular routes during parts of the year where good weather is likely.  If that trip had been full of heavy winds or had any appreciable amounts of precipitation I would not have enjoyed my self as very much.  But having good weather I enjoyed the trip immensely and it is one of the highlights for my life memory collection.

Trip Reports

If you would like to see a report of the Mount Rainier trip and any others I eventually put here check out my Mountaineering Trip Reports Page.  You will find maps, GPS coordinates, notes and pictures.

Mountaineering Gear Thoughts

My Mountaineering Gear Thoughts page includes some of my opinions on gear selection.  This page will have limited information since I am new to the mountaineering experience.  But the thoughts just might be helpful to a beginner looking into the sport.  The intent of the Gear Thoughts page is not to tell you what is the best.  The intent is to tell you what seems to work best for me and why.  You will develop your own ideas of what works for you.