Miscellaneous Activities

What's in the Miscellaneous Activities Section

BluuGnome.com was originally intended as a way to show the various activities I enjoy.  The focus has turned mostly toward Canyoneering and will most likely remain focused on canyoneering for quite some time.  Needless to say, the other areas of the site have grown very little.  I will work on each area as the mood hits, but as it stands, the canyon portion keeps me very busy.

Rather than clutter the main menu with categories that contain very little information, I have decided to nest them under the Miscellaneous Activities section.  When a section grows large enough to warrant a place back on the main menu, it will be placed there.

Access to Other Activities

Below are links to the areas for some other activities.  Latter I would love to add sections for Kyaking and Tesla Coils.




Uncategorized - but fun adventures!

Stranded in my 67' Scout

I used to have a 1967' International Scout. Here is the story of a day I had with it that I will never forget.  Feel free to read the story if you would like a laugh or a cry (depends on your sense of humor or outlook on life).

73' Blazer Break In Trip

I bought a 1973 Chevy Blazer in 2004. Here are some pictures and a trip report for the break in trip.

Ropes Challenge at Mt. Charleston Sept. 2007

September 2007 Skip set up a day for us (Trailblazers and Meet Up hiking groups) to go to the Mt. Charleston Ropes Challenge Course.  This course is sometimes used as a corporate team building event.  It is quite the fun obstacle course set up on ropes, cables and poles about 30 feet off the ground.  Check out the page for it if you would like more details or just to see some of my pictures from that day.