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How I was Introduced

Growing up I never did much outdoor stuff (ok pretty much zero).  When I was about 22 years old I met Vereen and Brenda who invited me to go on a hike at Red Rock.  We started hanging out hiking, roller blading or just goofing off.  The more I hiked the more I liked it.  That's about as simple as it gets.  From there I did more and more of it on my own and started meeting more people with the same interest.

Data Disclaimers

GPS coordinates may not be exact.  This is information I gathered myself during the trips.  The coordinates are generally accurate to within 50 feet or so, usually less than 30 feet.  I try to get as accurate a reading as possible on my GPS before logging the waypoint.  I try to be as accurate as possible but some errors are bound to happen because, well things happen.

Elevation data is not given for every waypoint.  I give the elevations for points that might give a overall picture of the hike.  The start of the hike, a low or high point and maybe a couple other spots.  The elevations listed here are only approximate.  I generally use the elevation the GPS had when the way point was created.  GPS elevation data is not perfect.  If no elevation data was available or the number appears to be way off, I look at it on maps on the computer at home and make an educated guess.

Trip Reports

Most hikes are not interesting enough to post here on the web site.  So I am only going to post those I feel deserve a spot on the web site.  If the hike was long or unusual in some way it might get listed here.  Some hikes may not deserve to be listed here but may end up here because I just plain felt like adding it.  Feel free to check out the Hiking Trip Reports Page.  You will find maps, GPS coordinates, notes and pictures for the hikes listed.

The trip reports will be a combination of the days events and a route description.  If you find a hike you have been wanting to take you may find route information here valuable.

External Links

Any external links related to this activity or any other topic will be listed on the External Links page. Feel free to check it out.